ART on the street

So, one morning I forgot my bag with my computer in it, freed from the opportunity to attend to many pressing digital errands and from the weight of my backpack I thought I'd park my car further away on an unzoned street and hike over for my coffee before heading into the studio. On the way, and uncaffeinated, I made a little ART.

Street ART, Takoma Park, November 2nd 2015. Dumped roofing material, trash and leaves.

Not everyone appreciated that this was ART

Moving on, and still uncaffeinated I stopped to make this drawing beneath the railway bridge that I drive through most days. 

Street ART, Takoma Park, November 2nd 2015. Things on hand.

A passerby with a love for contemporary art (Hi passerby! If you read this send me an email), stopped to chat and I sent him to view the earlier piece around the corner. "Basically, you rearrange the illegally dumped detritus.", his words not mine, perfect. He does conceptual real estate, I had no idea what that could mean either, but he explained that he takes what others think of as detritus and turns it into housing. I'm feeling I should rename this entry 'The WORD on the street - Detritus' aka Sesame Street.

Here's all the players in the last piece taking a bow

Today's ART brought to you by things in my handbag, rubble and sticks.

And this is what I left behind

100% locally sourced materials (we are in Takoma Park)

Moving forward and just around the corner I was caught by the conglomoration of a few of my personal weaknesses - a street light, a striped fence and the edge of some slightly decaying buildings. 

I had to do it.

In a now controversial move, I also added some handbag ephemera for the buildings.

Which led to this

The next line after the iPhone cuts off is "I thought someone had been robbed" and my reply "No, it's ART". And after this you will be glad to hear I made it to the coffeeshop and that was the end of ART for the day.

Last one - Here are all the players of the last piece taking their curtain call.