Honestly, I was just trying to get home.

I’m just trying to do my Christmas shopping, the problem is to get there I have to stop in all these car parks and if its one of those white days I fall directly into the vortex of my iphone camera, endlessly filling and deleting old photos to make way for more essential parking lot shots. As my five year-old says ‘Mummy’s phone is full of pictures of nothing because mummy is an {{{{artist}}}}, although this apparently is not a satisfactory answer for some*, like the two gruff guys who ran out to check on me taking photos of this dumpster

outside this building

who appeared very concerned to confirm that I know this is a weird thing to do, that I really KNOW it is a weird thing to do.

But who cares because today, TODAY, I have literally had the scales, or fog or mist lifted from my eyes. Yesterday a laser beam destroyed the lens in my right eye and a new plastic one was stitched to my eyeball (Hi Susie!), and yes I felt the stitching, but these ones did not hurt as I was well medicated I.WILL.SAY.NO.MORE. But now for the first time in over five years I have matching sight in each eye. It is glorious, although I am hiding behind smudgy glasses as the reality out there is still just a little too much. Anyway that’s today’s excuse to bring you floods of miraculous things that I found just sitting there, out in the wilds of Maryland.


*[Side note on the term ‘artist’. I’m in an ongoing discussion, well not really discussion, I’ve been badgering two people in particular about their horror, sorry polite disinclination to the label ‘artist’. But I see it this way, it’s the only label that stands between me and complete ridiculousness (ok, that too might be debatable), its my alibi, how else can I quickly explain what I’m doing and escape the label of just plain weird. /end sidenote]


This is right outside my eye doctor's office.

After being chased out of that parking lot and with my last hours of childcare before Christmas I headed over to a nearby shopping center. It took me a while to get out of that carpark too.

Then a week later I had to come back! It took me just as long to drive home again. Here are the results, four carparks and one wet freeway later.

Home at last. Somehow on the way I made a New Year's resolution not to take any more photos of carparks, sweep stakes on that one anyone?